About the Press

Callforbookchapter.com is the private website of Dr. Phuc Pham, is not related or linked to any publishers or journals. The website aims to call for contributions from researchers and scientists worldwide to publish their papers in some series or book projects edited by Dr. Phuc Pham.

By this website, contributors can easily submit their contributions to be considered to publish in forthcoming books or vols. As an online submission system, callforbookchapter.com permits authors can check the editorial processing after manuscripts are submitted.

Springer-Nature Publisher will publish almost all books edited by Dr. Phuc Pham as monographs or edited books. Currently, Dr. Phuc Pham serves as Chief Editor for two series published by Springer-Nature, Innovations in Cancer Research and Regenerative Medicine (as subseries of Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology) and Stem Cells in Clinical Applications.